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A lean mean PR machine - we tell your story.

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Music PR in Los Angeles

The build-up to a national concert tour is almost as important as the tour itself and should be conducted by a music PR firm who knows what they are doing. The most important consideration in making any concert a success lies in careful marketing strategies; you need to get the concert known about by the right people, well ahead of time. There are three important considerations in any good marketing plan. These are:

  • Advertising
  • Promotions
  • Public relations

A good music publicist (whose founder was a concert promoter) will be proactive when it comes to interfacing with the advertising and promotion teams in place for the tour. Other things on their list will most likely include:

It's all about advertising

Building excitement in the run up to the concert is a top priority to get people buying tickets – and after all effective tour PR is all about putting bodies in seats. One of the ways in which a music PR firm in LA will generate that excitement is to guide all the relevant people on behalf of the artist and let them fully understand how effective PR can enhance all their strategies. They will also plan what advertising is needed to work hand in hand with the PR plan.

A talented music PR firm will also arrange all the relevant press releases necessary to generate interest and excitement in the concert tour. Long lead media will be approached three or more months in advance. Approximately four weeks before the tour is set to commence, local media will be contacted and your music publicist will start to send out complimentary tickets offers to VIP’s and press, encouraging more media interest.

Never underestimate the power of social media marketing! SMM is hugely important in generating excitement and interest in an upcoming concert tour. Letting the fans know where you are going will almost guarantee that there will be a ‘buzz’ surrounding the event. A good music public relations firm will always ensure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to marketing your concert.

There are several forms the marketing might take and your music PR firm in Los Angeles will decide on which ones best suit your needs. Some of these will include:

  • Electronic publicity, in the form of radio, network TV and cable.
  • Internet publicity, including your own website, viral marketing, YouTube, E-mail blasts, blogs and forums.
  • Promotions out in the field to generate news stories
  • A steady stream of information to newspapers and magazines.

The very best that you can do to promote your gigs is to leave everything in the hands of the professional music PR firm you have chosen; have faith in them because after all, they are the experts!

By Phil Lobel