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Our impressive list of clients speaks a clear language

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The job of a Hollywood PR agency will always be to put the interests of their clients first and foremost and not only generate their publicity, but also manage it to a degree that the star will always be seen in the best possible light. To protect the star’s reputation, it is essential that the PR firm in Hollywood they choose has the necessary expertise and ‘je ne sais quoi’ to generate the correct sort of publicity.

While there is an old saying that all publicity is good publicity, a truly great Los Angeles PR firm will ensure that for their celebrity clients that they are in the news for all the right reasons, and that their time for success is now.

Many celebrities have to spend a long time getting to where they wish to be in the media world, and it is the job of a top Hollywood PR firm, such as here at Lobeline, to make sure that once their star has ascended, it remains celestial and exactly where it should be. The role of PR firms in Los Angeles has changed greatly during recent years and has become more of a minefield with the advent of various entertainment news outlets all too willing to let negative stories gain additional media coverage. It is essential therefore that your choice of LA PR firm be made based on their past and current history of dealing with potentially damaging stories.

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The general public are always keen on hearing the latest scandal about their favorite Hollywood stars and a good PR firm in LA will always operate a practice of damage limitation should one of these stories surface. They will always manage to turn a negative into a positive story, thereby ensuring their star clients will be viewed in the best way possible.

A successful LA PR firm can help stars to generate the correct kind of publicity by making sure that they make an appearance at red carpet events, press conferences, film premieres and give outstanding TV interviews. Hollywood is a glittering and yet fickle being, and people are always too keen to see a picture of a celebrity who appears to have gained weight or are seen to be consorting with the ‘wrong’ kind of people. A good Hollywood PR agency will be armed and ready for these kind of revelations, with a plausible explanation which will end up with the celebrity being seen as a ‘hero’ rather than in a negative light.

They will arrange a suitable magazine cover which will explain why the celebrity concerned has gained weight, and when the accompanying story tells the public that this particular celebrity had been suffering from an eating disorder, but are now on their way to recovery, the necessary rounds of sympathy and respect from the public will be regained. That is when you will know that you have found a truly exceptional Hollywood PR Agency.

By Phil Lobel